5th Annual General Meeting
Tuesday November 19, 2019 the FVASELB1788 hosted it's 5th AGM at the Fort Vermilion Community Complex. Nearly 70 community members came for the meeting enjoying beef on a bun with a seven-layer
New Partnership formed
April 8, 2019: Fort Vermilion School Division #52 Superintendent Mike McMann & FVASELB1788 Chairman Jeff Anderson spend an evening with the community outlining a newly formed partnership. “We
Chairperson’s Annual Report 2018
The 2018 AGM had 60 people enjoy an evening of fellowship with 48 folks renewing their membership with some being new members. The beef on a bun was absolutely delicious and a huge thank
INAN Presentation
On June 5, 2018 FVASELB1788 was invited by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs to give a presentation on our Lodge project. We were able to send two delegates to
Seniors Week Annual BBQ 2018
FVASELB1788 fired up the BBQ at the 2018 Seniors Week Annual BBQ. Steak was delicious and the fellowship was warm and inviting. All had a great time!
2018 MARA Ag Fair
FVASELB1788 sporting their new banner attended the 2018 MARA Ag Fair in Fort Vermilion raising awareness of the culturally inclusive seniors & elders facility and to fund raise via selling ice cream.
FV Get To Know you Night 2018
FVASELB1788 joined forces with the River Road Trading Post who are your two Boards working hard to build a culturally inclusive seniors & elders facility. This time the two Boards joined
I Support Seniors and Elders Care
The Fort Vermilion & Area Seniors & Elders Lodge Board 1788 and their registered membership would like to thank all who supported and attended our "I Support Seniors and Elders Care"
FVASELB1788 AGM 2017
Our AGM held on November 22, 2017 was a huge success! Over 40 people turned out and took membership or renewed an already existing one. All of us enjoyed a beautiful stew prepared by Lily Paul and
Presentation at NPTC's Annual General Assembly 
FVASELB1788 invited to give a presentation at North Peace Tribal Council's 2017 Annual General Assembly. The presentation was well received with MLA Jabbour, High Level's
Ottawa Diplomacy Trip (Oct. 2017)
On October 18 and 19 Grand Chief Meneen-Treaty 8, Board Chairman Jeff Anderson, Board researcher Natalie Gibson and diplomacy expert Reagh Burgess met with senior officials from Economic
Edmonton Diplomacy Trip (Oct. 2017)
On October 5, 2017 your Board and Grand Chief Meneen presented our Culturally inclusive Designated Assisted Living facility to Minister Feehan, Indigenous Relations; Minister Sigurdson,
The Lodge Board at the Fort Vermilion Get To Know U Nite 2017
Board members from the River Road Trading Post and our Board set up a booth at Fort Vermilion's Get to Know U Nite. Many conversations and laughs were had
Press Release Sept. 11, 2017
Today we published a press release as follows:

Press Release
Sept. 11, 2017

New Study Shows No Action taken on Government Report
Seniors and Elders waiting two years or more for
The Board Is Actively Seeking Collaboration With Governments And Key Leaders
The Board is actively seeking collaboration with governments and key leaders. The Board has or will be meeting with North Peace Tribal Council
Seniors Week - June 8, 2017

Members of the FVASELB1788 rolled up their sleeves and honored our seniors during a Seniors Week supper at the Fort Vermilion Seniors Centre. This is the second year that Board
Researcher  Hired To 'Refresh' 2014 Housing Report
There continues to be an unmet need for seniors’ and elders’ care beds in the Mackenzie region, especially when considering the needs of the Indigenous population – one
Fort Vermilion & Area Seniors & Elders Lodge Board 1788 Established
Approximately 60-plus community members in the hamlet of Fort Vermilion voted to create a board with a mandate to research the options for building a
Designated Seniors Living Endorsed
Boreal Housing Foundation and Mackenzie County have endorsed the DSL in principal. Land has been donated by Alberta Health Services, Tallcree Tribal Government and a private citizen
Regional Housing Needs Assessment Study conducted
Municipal Affairs partnered with Mackenzie County and the towns of High Level and Rainbow Lake to conduct a regional housing needs assessment study. The government allocated