Tuesday November 19, 2019 the FVASELB1788 hosted it's 5th AGM at the Fort Vermilion Community Complex. Nearly 70 community members came for the meeting enjoying beef on a bun with a... 5th Annual General Meeting April 8, 2019: Fort Vermilion School Division #52 Superintendent Mike McMann & FVASELB1788 Chairman Jeff Anderson spend an evening with the community outlining a newly formed partnership. “We Are in talks with... New Partnership formed AGM 2020 Poster
Tuesday November 24, 2020 the FVASELB1788 hosted its 6th AGM at the Fort Vermilion Community Complex. About 70 community members came for the meeting enjoying...
6th Annual General Meeting

Purpose – Vision – Mission – Values


To research options for building a Designated Supportive Living Facility in Fort Vermilion

Provide seniors and elders with a healthy, respectful environment that celebrates cultural uniqueness

Mission Statement
Through partnerships, we will establish a culturally inclusive, Designated Supportive Living facility in our community for our people


  • Accountability:
    Taking responsibility for both actions & outcomes.
  • Change:
    Looking forward to & valuing change, continuous improvement, doing things differently.
  • Dedicated:
    To a course of action.
  • Integrity, trust and honesty:
    Establish the trust of our peoples by being honest, committed and bound by our objectives.
  • Teamwork:
    Cooperative effort by a group.
  • Wisdom:
    Having a deep understanding, insight, and knowledge, and the ability to make good decisions.
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