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Regional Housing Needs Assessment Study conducted

Municipal Affairs partnered with Mackenzie County and the towns of High Level and Rainbow Lake to conduct a regional housing needs assessment study. The government allocated $100,000 to complete a comprehensive review of all current housing needs and projected needs up to 2031. The Mackenzie Regional Housing Needs Assessment (‘MRHNA’) clearly states there is an existing and projected need for an additional 117-200 senior’s care beds between 2014 and 2031 in the region.

In 2014, the MHRNA report indicated “approximately eight to 13 assisted living beds/units are currently needed in Fort Vermilion. By 2031, there will be a need for about 14 to 24 beds/units. This presents an opportunity to build a multi-level of care facility in Fort Vermilion with a combination of independent units and assisted/ supportive living units/beds.

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